Is MOBROG legit?

Is MOBROG legit? How we work with your reviews.

The value proposition of MOBROG, the premier international online panel, is attractive to many people: Answer surveys online, make your opinion count and get money in return!

But many people are cautious initially: Does MOBROG really pay? What happens with my data? And overall: Is MOBROG legit?

We hear those questions a lot. However, hearing the answer from us, as the provider of the service, wouldn´t be as convincing as hearing them from your fellow research survey participants! That´s why we encourage our community to share their experience on the international consumer review platform Trustpilot

What strikes the eye, besides the great overall rating, is the number of reviews. MOBROG is rated more than 50.000 times in the past 12 months alone. This makes it the most reviewed service in all market research and online surveys. The reviews display the overall user satisfaction much better than in the case of services with less reviews, that could be biased, paid, etc. This is also evidence for the overall relevance of the site.

The reviews show, that 9 out of 10 users are either completely satisfied (72%) or rather satisfied (18%) with the service. We really appreciate the time and effort of everyone to give us a positive review – it´s what keeps us going!

Here are some of the things reviewers loved the most about MOBROG:

MOBROG is legit! Many users state in their reviews, that they were skeptical at first but once they cashed out, they felt appreciated and enthusiastic.

Let´s face it, the rewards that survey sites promise are a big motivation for most users to participate. People love MOBROG because it has a cash, not a point-based system, because of low payout thresholds as well as payout speed. We really try to offer you the best experience regarding the rewards that you have earned with your honest answers.

Besides money, our users think it´s great to make your opinion heard, to influence new products and to learn new things about research and society. Filling online surveys can be fun!

MOBROG is a global community. It feels great and rewarding to learn that we can help people fulfill their basic needs, buy toys for their children or support a charity with the money they made with our service!

Here are some of the things reviewers did not like about MOBROG:

Even though the vast majority of reviews are positive, some contain very useful and well thought out feedback for us. We diligently read them, take note and prioritize our feature roadmap with your feedback!

We hear you! We are aware it can be frustrating if you get screened out from a survey you have been invited to, even though you told us this information in your profile. As we explain in this article, most surveys on MOBROG are from global survey networks, not from us as a research institute ourselves. In this technical setup, information about the target group of a survey is sometimes incomplete or not passed through to us. We stand behind our members and fight in order to provide you better converting surveys. Thanks for sticking with us!

We are sorry if you have a bad experience reaching out to our support team. We track and manage a number of indicators around it, including first answer time, resolution rate and customer service satisfaction. We assure you that team is hard working, just bear with us and be a little patient with us. We appreciate your participation!

Apologies! Glitches and other technical difficulties with our platform or app should not happen. Our product team and developers do their very best to avoid any operational disruptions of service and at the same time provide you with exciting new features. Your feedback helps a lot to identify and prioritize our roadmap!

As you can see, we at MOBROG are constantly trying to get better, despite your overwhelmingly positive feedback! We appreciate your reviews very much and hope they provide guidance for new community members trying to figure out if it is safe and worthwhile joining.